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Tales from the Borderlands – Episode One: Zer0 Sum Review


Tales from the Borderlands – Episode One: Zer0 Sum does a brilliant job of drawing the player into the world of Pandora. Both fans of the franchise, and players being introduced for the first time, will appreciate the engaging characters and their story.

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Machina of the Planet Tree – Planet Ruler – Review


Machina of the Planet Tree – Planet Ruler – is filled with well-designed characters, and a unique combat system, that JRPG fans will appreciate, despite the slightly over complicated story.

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Mystery Maze Of Balthasar Castle Review


Mystery Maze Of Balthasar Castle involves puzzles that may be enjoyable for young children. Unfortunately, it’s hampered by poor controls, grating sound effects, and repetitive gameplay, that leads to more frustration than fun.

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Poly Bridge Preview

Poly Bridge

Poly Bridge is a bridge construction simulator by New Zealand based developers Dry Cactus. The game is the developer’s first creation as a team and is still currently in Early Access, so the odd bug here and there should be overlooked.

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LEGO Minifigures Online Review

LEGO Minifigures Online

LEGO Minifigures Online is a fun MMO made for children. The difficulty level is set to very easy, but the light-hearted atmosphere, different worlds to explore, and plethora of playable characters to unlock make for an enjoyable experience across age groups.

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Her Story Review

Her Story banner

While the mystery and intrigue can only be obtained during the first play-through, Her Story makes use of a simplistic concept combined with FMV to create a personal and rich atmosphere.

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Zoombinis – Nostalgia, Charm and Puzzles

Zoombinis banner

Much of my childhood was spent playing educational (or edutainment) games. I believed I was tricking my parents into letting me play games. Who knew that they were actually tricking me into learning? Out of all the games that I owned The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis has never been forgotten. I still own the original game, even though it won’t run, and have been searching for something to match its charm for years. It’s no surprise that after hearing about Zoombinis being re-developed through KickStarter, I had to immediately check whether it was still as good as I remembered.

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Freedom in Cosplay

KH cosplay

When you were younger how much did you wish for your own adventure? Whether you longed to fly through the sky with Peter Pan, or help Frodo deliver the ring to Mt.Doom, we’ve all had similar childhood fantasies. While reality hits most of us like a truck, many of us still hold onto these dreams. We’d still love to go exploring, or gain a superpower. How can we get a little step closer to this dream? Just like how children feel like adults by copying the actions of their parents, gamers and fantasy fans can feel closer to their beloved characters through cosplay.

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My Parents Attitude to Gaming


While games have an incredible social aspect, most people see gamers as an odd, unwashed beings, that sit in a darkened room while starting at a screen for hours on end. They see no benefits to the hobby, calling it out as a waste of time, and only good for producing the dangerous youth of today.

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