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Turtle Beach Star Wars X-Wing Pilot Gaming Headset Review


The Turtle Beach Star Wars X-Wing Pilot Gaming Headset has a good mic and sound quality, with a fun attention to artistic detail to give the Star Wars feeling. Unfortunately, the plastic frame gives a slightly tacky quality that can affect the comfort levels.

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Turtle Beach Ear Force PX24 Headset Review


The Turtle Beach Ear Force PX24 headset has fantastic sound quality, while the SuperAmp™ functions are easily adjustable, for great personal optimisation. The limited noise cancelation and necessity to charge the SuperAmp™ are potential negatives, but the headset’s overall quality across multiple platforms is still impressive.

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Freedom in Cosplay

KH cosplay

When you were younger how much did you wish for your own adventure? Whether you longed to fly through the sky with Peter Pan, or help Frodo deliver the ring to Mt.Doom, we’ve all had similar childhood fantasies. While reality hits most of us like a truck, many of us still hold onto these dreams. We’d still love to go exploring, or gain a superpower. How can we get a little step closer to this dream? Just like how children feel like adults by copying the actions of their parents, gamers and fantasy fans can feel closer to their beloved characters through cosplay.

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My Parents Attitude to Gaming


While games have an incredible social aspect, most people see gamers as an odd, unwashed beings, that sit in a darkened room while starting at a screen for hours on end. They see no benefits to the hobby, calling it out as a waste of time, and only good for producing the dangerous youth of today.

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The Professor Layton games Verses the Film – To Watch or Interact?


Whenever I play a Professor Layton game I often wonder whether the game gets in the way of the story. In order to put these thoughts to rest I decided to watch the film and see how it compared as an experience. Continue reading “The Professor Layton games Verses the Film – To Watch or Interact?”

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (3DS) – Is it fuelled by nostalgia?


Everyone has heard of Zelda games and recognise Link’s character, even if they’ve never played any of the franchise. Before Ocarina of Time, I had only attempted to play one other title, two years ago, (The Phantom Hourglass) which was quickly given up since I found it too difficult. However,  as of a few months ago I finished the 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time.

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