P1050985 Hello, allow me to welcome you to my review site.

Writing has always been my go to device for connecting with the world, while exploring my personal opinions. After spending years in education and developing my writing, I have decided to seek out a place where I can put down my thoughts. More specifically, this space is dedicated to things that I watch and play. I’ve always enjoyed analysing things and going into deep discussions with friends, so here I am sharing these concepts with others, which includes you (yay!)

The reason for looking at both games and films is because I believe both have similarities and deserve the same level of detailed attention. They both have core messages and themes that lead the audience/player to getting attached on an emotional, and often very personal, level. Yes games do have an added element of engagement, since we literally have to control the actions of characters, but that doesn’t mean that we should overlook their stories, or what they might be trying to say.

I am currently also writing as a Game Critic for We Got This Covered, with previous sites including GamersFTW and Wales Arts Review. If my work does interest you, please feel free to wonder over to any of those sites and read more.

I ultimately plan to use this space in order to improve my critical writing style. I look forward to hearing your response to my opinions and writing, so please feel free to get involved by leaving thoughts and comments on any article that interests you.

I’m excited to get chatting and discussing with you soon.

Thanks, Gabs