The Turtle Beach Star Wars X-Wing Pilot Gaming Headset has a good mic and sound quality, with a fun attention to artistic detail to give the Star Wars feeling. Unfortunately, the plastic frame gives a slightly tacky quality that can affect the comfort levels.

Score 6.8/10

+ Mic can detach from the headset
+ Easy to set up and use
+ Some nice artistic details

– Cheap feeling plastic
– Little to no noise cancellation
– Minimal head frame padding

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens soon coming to our screens, the Star Wars Battlefront game around the corner, and the Star Wars addition to Disney Infinity, gamers may wish to get fully into the mood by using an appropriately styled headset.

The Turtle Beach Star Wars X-Wing Pilot Gaming Headset’s design has been inspired by the Starfighter Pilots of the Rebel Alliance. It features 40mm Neodymium speakers, a high-sensitivity boom mic, and 3.5mm jack, making it compatible with a range of products including the PS4, Xbox One, PC, mobiles, and tablets.

The box includes the headset, the mic, and a small guidebook. There are no complicated additional wires or functions, other than an attachment to the headset wire that allows for volume adjustment, and mic mute. The headset therefore requires no complicated setup – simply plug the mic into the headphones, then the headset jack into the desired console.

The headset itself both looks and feels very plastic, which is a shame. The details on the ear cups and frame are nice. All of it has been printed on and aren’t simply stickers that will peel off, so shouldn’t suffer too much over time. Inside the ear pieces is the Turtle Beach logo, surrounded by fighter-pilots which is a nice additional touch. Much of the design is going to come down to personal taste, as the bright orange plastic may be enough to put off a lot of wearers. It does matches the Starfighter Pilots of the Rebal Alliance that it is intended to be reminiscent of, so fans of the franchise will appreciate the details.

The ear cups have been well padded and were the perfect size for my ears. Any smaller and they might not have fit comfortably however, so some wearers may find the cups slightly too small. Unfortunately, little to no padding has been given to the rest of the frame. The headset, therefore, is a comfortable fit for the ears, but may have to be at a tipped angle so as not to feel the plastic dig into the top of the wearers head. Once correctly adjusted, they are comfortable over long periods of time, even when wearing glasses, and the light-weight structure means the wearer may forget that they are even wearing them, at times.

The headset has a decent and clear sound. There is a lovely balance between treble and bass lines, allowing for a full appreciation of music tracks. The volume is not able to go up to impressive levels, but can certainly be powerful enough to give the wearer an all-encompassing experience into their sound world. Beware though, as unless the volume is extremely low, others in the room will clearly be able to hear what the wearer is listening to.

The microphone is packaged separately to the headphones, but easily plugs in through a 3.5mm jack, so it can be used apart from the headset if desired. There is a slot on the headset so that it clicks into a certain position, and that means that there is no fear of it ever slipping out.

The mic gives a very clear sound for the listener and I found that it easily picked up all the words when I whispered quietly. It did pick up a bit of the noise when I moved the headset and mic around, but it wasn’t loud or too annoying.

The Turtle Beach Star Wars X-Wing Pilot Gaming Headset makes for a good headset for fans of Star Wars who are looking for a fun design and decent sound. While some art details are appreciated, and the mic is good, it has an overall plastic quality to the frame which will frustrate anyone looking for comfort.

This review was completed with a Turtle Beach Star Wars X-Wing Pilot Gaming headset provided by LICK PR.

This review was originally part of the GamersFTW site, the servers of which have been taken down. It now appears on GabsTannerReviews out of respect for the developers/publishers who gave me a headset to review.