Certain concepts become associated with specific countries. Eagles and overlarge burgers are “America”, while complaining and queues are “British”. Beautiful Katamari makes you think “Japan”.

The King of the Cosmos created a black hole in the universe, due to an overly enthusiastic tennis swing. The black hole then sucked up most of the cosmos. In response, the King orders his son (the player) to re-create the lost stars and planets by rolling up appropriate things from planet earth into a large ball. Nothing is spared, plant life, human life and even countries become consumed into a Katamari in order to re-build the cosmos.

The game-play is simple yet satisfying. Roll up the necessary amount of objects within the given time. Starting small, the player can only roll up little objects, but as things collect together the Katamari grows, as does the ability to pick up larger things. While initially the game feels odd with its colourful cartoonish style combined with squishing everything in sight. But the player quickly finds themselves dancing along to the catchy music and destroying things with glee.


Beautiful Katamari is a good way of letting off steam. The game isn’t too difficult once the controls have been mastered, although this can take a little time. The main downside being that the game isn’t very long with only around 13 stages, although more can be bought through dlc.

However, the game also has quite a bit of replayablilty. Its simplicity makes it easy to pick up at any stage without worrying about forgetting a story-line, or the controls. There are also collectibles to be fond, hidden within each of the levels. The first of these are the cousins, playable characters in the form of strange little people (for example, Miso is a bowl of soup with legs and Sherman is a snowman). The change in character does nothing to the game-play but the interesting designs give an added incentive to find them all. The second hidden collectible come in the form of presents, inside of which are a different range of accessories that can be used to customise the cousins.

I’d recommend Beautiful Katamari to anyone with an Xbox 360 and a sense of humor. It’s a great game to play to release anger or just to have a good time.

Beautiful Katamari – Namco